Geophysics and Sedimentary Basins

The main objective of the Department of Geophysics and Sedimentary Basins is to describe and analyze the geological evolution of sedimentary basins and their resources in and around Denmark and Greenland. Our work is based on data from deep wells and seismic surveys, as well as samples from wells and outcrops. Research includes on clastic and carbonate sedimentology, micro and macropalaeontology, palynology, and litho-, bio- and sequence stratigraphy, depositional models, palaeogeography, -climate, -ecology, geothermal energy and storage of CO₂.

The department contributes to the interpretation and modeling projects and studies of source and reservoir rocks with the aim of assessing the hydrocarbon potential in Denmark and Greenland.

The department provides consultancy to Danish and Greenlandic authorities, the industry and district heating companies on matters of hydrocarbon exploration, geothermal energy and geological storage of CO₂. The department is also involved in international research projects and commercial consultancy throughout the North Atlantic region and the North Sea, Southeast Asia and other places.

The department has a biostratigraphic laboratory, modern microscope facilities with image processing for biostratigraphic studies, workstations for interpretation of petrophysical logs and seismic data, and modern drafting studio.

Areas of expertise