Water Resources

GEUS builds knowledge to optimise the management and protection of Danish water resources and the public’s drinking water supply as well as the groundwater’s impact on Danish nature and the environment


GEUS contributes to groundwater mapping in Denmark and globally. Futhermore we contribute to mapping the urban geology and water cycle. We also conduct research in and delvelop 3D geological modeling.  

Monitoring programmes

GEUS participates in national monitoring of groundwater quality and quantity and publishes an annual status report on the state and trend of groundwater in Denmark. We are also part of the Danish Pesticide Leaching Assessment Programme.

The water cycle

Through hydrological field studies and hydrological modelling, GEUS builds knowledge of the entire water cycle. In addition, we develop and operate the Danish National Water Resources Model.

Water quality

As national data centre, GEUS collects knowledge about groundwater quality through monitoring programmes and conducts research into what may cause undesirable water quality in the groundwater zone.

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