• The Greenland Ice Sheet more fragile than expected

    Greenland was predominantly green only 416,000 years ago, shows new study of recovered Camp Century published in Science.

  • Great potential for critical raw materials in Greenland

    The Center for Minerals and Materials (MiMa) at GEUS has just published a report which assesses the potential for critical raw materials in Greenland.

  • Documentary film brings you along when scientists melt holes in the Greenland Ice Sheet

    In a new documentary, you can see researchers testing whether a very hot metal rod can provide unique insight into the bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet and ultimately improve our ability to predict sea-level rise.

  • Geocenter Danmark receives DKK 20 million from the A.P. Moller Foundation

    A grant from the A.P. Moller Foundation means that Geocenter Denmark will be able to collect seismic data and acquire knowledge about the subsoil for use in the green transition and education.


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