• New seismic data for CO2 storage potential mapping added to the Danish Deep Subsurface Data portal

    Processed seismic data from Stenlille, Havnsø, Gassum, Rødby, Thorning, and Jammerbugt are now freely available.

  • EUDP-funded project will support the offshore wind energy infrastructure development

    GEUS is a partner in the WINDFARM project, which has just received a grant from the public Danish foundation, the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP). 

  • New study refutes large releases of mercury from the Greenland Ice Sheet

    In a new comprehensive study, GEUS and Aarhus University conclude that the meltwater from the Greenland Ice Sheet only contains very low concentrations of mercury.

  • Ancient DNA from a sea-ice microbe tells tales of past climate in the Arctic

    A new research method utilises ancient DNA preserved in ocean sediments to provide reliable information of sea ice occurrence in the Arctic.

  • Geologists surprised at finding world’s largest 10,000 year old landslide in Greenland

    With new insights into the occurrence of giant landslides in recent geological time and the prospect of accelerating climate change, researchers point to the need for more insight into the causes of giant landslides.

  • New evidence for a record-sized, record-old meteorite crater in West Greenland

    The results of a new study can make a big difference in the geoscientific method presently used to identify old crater structures deep in the Earth’s crust.

  • The climate after 450PPm: ’Detectives’ investigating past climate prepare us for the furture

    An insight into the Miocene can help us to be better prepared for future climate change.


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