• Greenland's geothermal heat flow mapped

    The geothermal heat flow in Greenland is lower than previously estimated, according to new in-situ measurement database and heat flow model. 

  • After months of preparing:

    The 2022 Arctic field season has begun

    As usual, the start of field season marks the culmination of months of field logistics and a range of safety courses.

  • Positive scientific evaluation of GEUS' work in Nature and Climate

    An international review panel is impressed and emphasise the high publication rate and free access to the data from the Greenland Ice Sheet.

  • Flat mountains in East Greenland point to bedrock dynamics

    The bedrock in east Greenland has moved up and down within the last 35 million years, which can be seen from the distinguished flat topped mountains in the region. 

  • A new Jurassic stratigraphy of East Greenland

    The comprehensive, revised and updated stratigraphic template is published in GEUS Bulletin.

  • Explore over a century of geological research from Denmark and Greenland

    2,500 articles, monographs, reports and map descriptions dating back to 1890 have been made available online, open access for all to read at geusjournals.org.

  • Read the latest research at GEUS Bulletin

    GEUS Bulletin is a peer-reviewed, diamond open access journal. We publish geoscience research papers, monographs and map descriptions for Denmark, Greenland and the Arctic region.


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