Nature and Climate

Studying the geological conditions and processes on land, by the coast and offshore to monitor the natural resources and climate


At GEUS, we map the habitats of the seabed and investigates the palaeogeographical development of offshore Denmark. We have also collected and interpreted data for the delimitation of the continental shelf and are continuously working with updating the data.

The Greenland ice sheet

GEUS has more than 40 years experience within glaciological field work and analysis. We are responsible for the Programme for Monitoring of the Greenland Ice Sheet and in that connection we operate a network of weather stations on the ice sheet.


Geological mapping is one of the key activities in understanding the geological structure of the land and assesing the use of the land, but the work also includes in situ remediation of contaminated soil and the safety aspects of depositing waste.

Adaptation to climate change

At GEUS, we map the effects of climate change on the water cycle and the sea level. We also investigate the possibilities for storage of CO2 in the subsurface.

Earthquakes and seismology

Earthquake monitoring in Denmark and Greenland, as well as consultancy about earthquake risks and advice on collapses of coastal cliffs and mountainous terrains.


To understand the recent climate and environmental changes, data records that go back in time are necessary. The PACE research group is looking into the past climate and environment, primarily in Greenland.

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