Mineral deposits in sedimentary basins

Mineralising processes in stratabound, sediment-hosted ore deposits encompass sedimentary and diagenetic processes, basinal brines, and paleohydrology.

Considering this, GEUS focusses on the study of basin architecture and evolution as a key contribution towards exploration, and we are working on assessing occurrence favourability, predicting locations for mineralisation, and understanding the origin of sediment-hosted ore deposits.

Examples of this work include the work on Mississippi Valley-type Zn-Pb occurrences in the Franklinian Basin of North Greenland, such as the Tvilum Elv occurrence, where the sample below was collected:

Sphalerite and calcite

Sphalerite (brown) and calcite (white), in brecciated dolostone. Tvilum Elv, North Greenland.