Data and maps

The theme pages are large data collections that are regularly updated and used in many different places.

Maps of Denmark

Maps of Denmark is a collection of GEUS' main maps of the Danish area. Here you can find onshore and offshore geological maps, maps of the Danish Central Graben and the Danish Basin and much more.

Greenland Portal

The Greenland Portal holds information about mineral ressources in Greenland. The portal gives access to geological, geochemical, and geophysical data and documents with relevance to mineral explorations in Greenland.

GEUS offers direct links to many of our data collections, so you can use them in your own programmes.

We offer three methods:

  1. WMS (Web Map Service/raster data)
  2. WFS (Web Feature Service/vector data)
  3. Shapefile download

Both methods require a certain amount of technical knowledge that we can only help with to a certain degree.

If you have the necessary knowledge, then open a relevant theme page in the first tab.
First, read the introduction text on the theme page. It may say something general about accessible methods.
Now, go through the datasets and activate one of them. Now a section unfolds.
Click the desired methods at the bottom of the section:

If one or more methods are missing, it is typically because data are on an external server.
In that case, you can find further information under the metadata of the dataset.

If something is not going your way, the link ”Web services” might help. Here, you will find examples and relevant technical information.