Geochemical mapping

The geochemical atlas is based on compilations of quality controlled and calibrated chemical analyses of 7122 stream sediment samples collected from 1977 to 1998 in geochemical mapping and mineral exploration surveys, undertaken by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland with financial support from the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum, Greenland.

The atlas contains maps of 43 chemical elements, a map of volatile contents of stream sediment, a map of gamma radiation and five maps of kimberlite indicator minerals recovered from stream sediment. A geological map and a map of aeromagnetic total field anomalies are also enclosed for comparison.

The maps and data are distributed in Oasis Montaj® format on a CD-ROM that also includes the Oasis Montaj Free Interace software for visualising the maps. A report and a bibliography are stored in .pdf format and may be accessed using Adobe Acrobat® Reader (included on the CD).

The gridded geochemical data may be used for geological mapping and modelling, mineral resource assessment, and environmental studies and management. The full geochemical data set used to produce the maps of the atlas is available at cost from GEUS.