The Well Data Archive

In the Well Data Archive, you will get assistance to register data from wells. The Well Data Archive registers and stores information about groundwater and geology. The archive was established in connection with a Danish act from 1926 Vandforsyningsloven (the water supply act).

Reporting of drilling information and submission of sediment samples

According to law, information about all water supply, raw material, geotechnical and geothermal wells must be reported to GEUS. The information comprises a number of administrative and technical drilling data, closing of wells and submission of sediment samples to GEUS.

Read more about reporting of drilling information, forms and instructions (in Danish only)

Drilling information available from the Jupiter database

Information about the wells is registered in the national Jupiter database, which contains data from more than 270,000 shallow wells. The data in Jupiter are accessible to the public and can be found via an Interactive map, Google Earth KML or the Jupiter search form.

The Well Data Archive registers the following in the Jupiter database:

  • Administrative data: address of drilling site, coordinates, elevation, date of drilling, cadastral number, municipality, requisitioner
  • Technical data: borehole dimensions, casng and screen data, grout, gravel pack
  • Lithological data: driller’s description of the drilled layers
  • Water data: water level, test pumping, recovery
  • Plug and abandonment data
  • Well location
  • Updating and corrections

Besides the well data, the Jupiter database contains a wide range of other data. GEUS’ Well Sample Laboratory annually registers descriptions of more than 13,000 sediment samples in Jupiter. The Danish municipalities maintain data from more than 35,000 water extraction plants, and laboratories daily report groundwater and drinking water chemical analyses from wells and plants all over Denmark.

Data from deep wells and oil and gas related data are stored in the Subsurface Archive.

The well data archive

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