Adaptation to climate change

Climate change influences our lives in many ways, and work to find out how we adapt in the best possible way to the new climate is already well on the way.

At GEUS, we investigate the consequences of climate change and how we adapt to them.

Sea-level rises

The global sea level is rising and projections show that the level will rise even further in the future. At GEUS, our research focuses on understanding the cause of the rises in the sea level and the regional variation of the sea level.

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Climate effects on the water cycle

GEUS carries out research and advices on the hydrogeological effects of climate change in Denmark, internationally and in developing countries. The work comprises the use of climate scenario data in hydrological modelling and quantification of the effects of climate change.

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Geological storage of CO(CCS)

GEUS researches the possibilities for storing CO2 in the subsurface and for increasing oil extraction in the North Sea by means of CO2.

Emission of CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas may lead to a number of unwanted changes in the global climate. Capture and storage of CO2 in the subsurface is one of the methods that can be used to limit the greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.

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Vegetation development

Since the latest ice age, nature in Denmark has been subject to major changes, among other things caused by climate and environmental changes and human influence. At GEUS, we research in the subject and provide consultancy in e.g. nature protection and securing biodiversity.

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Studies of the coastal zone

The pressure on the coastal zone is increasing due to rising sea levels, possible increase of gale force and frequency as well as population growth and increasing exploitation of natural resources. GEUS maps the landscape and the seabed which can help in the planning and management of the coastal zone.

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