Geo-energy and Storage

We carry out energy-related geoscientific tasks in cooperation with the other Energy department at GEUS, namely Department of Geophysics and Sedimentary Basins.

We offer research and research-related consulting to companies within exploration and production in energy supply in Denmark.

Our focus is on oil and gas extraction in the North Sea and Greenland, geothermal energy in Denmark, CO₂ storage and unconventional resources.

The Department of Geo-energy and Storage consists of an experienced and dedicated staff of high internationally recognized standard in the abovementioned scientific fields.

The department also acts as consultant for the Danish Energy Agency, which manages the state's supervision of the Danish energy sector. The tasks are related to field structure, field delineation, reservoir petrophysical properties, resource evaluation, migration of oil and gas, etc.

Main focus is to describe and predict the development of reservoir rock properties and their fluid flow. This is done primarily through activities within the following topics.


Areas of expertise