Glaciology and Climate

The Department of Glaciology and Climate conducts research, monitoring and consultancy related to glaciology, climate and the environment. One of our main activities is monitoring of the Greenland ice sheet. With our network of climate stations, satellite observations and modeling we measure the loss of ice from Greenland and study the processes behind.

We also advise on a number of related issues such as future supply of hydropower and drinking water in Greenland. Another significant activity is the investigation of variations in climate and environment in the past (last 10,000 years). Marine and lake sediment cores are used to reconstruct the past changes in a variety of parameters including temperature, salinity, ocean currents, sea ice, glacier activity, nutritional and primary production. Finally, also vegetation history in Denmark is studied.

Areas of expertise


Signe Bech Andersen
Head of Department
Glaciology and Climate
Susanne Veng Christensen