Maps of Denmark

Here you find a collection of online maps of Denmark. You can zoom in and move around to different locations in Denmark. The map themes can be presented with different background maps and assistant layers, such as coastlines and elevations.

The following is list of map themes:

  • Surface geology
  • Drinking water hardness
  • Morphology Eastern Denmark
  • Redox depth
  • Nitrate retentions
  • Seabed sediments
  • Ice margin and ice melting
  • Bedrock geology of Denmark
  • Pre-Quaternary elevations
  • Pre-Quaternary Bornholm
  • Height and depth, varying scale
  • Top Chalk, the Danish area
  • Gravimetry

You can also find maps of the the Danish Basin and the Danish Central Graben. This applies for topics such as top and bottom of chalk, depth to Triassic, and thickness of strata from Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous.

Martin Hansen
Chief Consultant
Geological Data Centre