Landslide portal


The portal shows where in Denmark structures in the landscape formed by landslides have been mapped.

GEUS’ researchers have mapped more than 3,200 landslides in Denmark – old landslides that may have formed hundreds or thousands of years ago as well as landslides that are active.

The vast majority of mapped landslides are found along the coasts, but there are also very large landslides that extend from the coast several hundred meters inland, and landslides in hills and valley sides inland. Most are landslides which have stabilised again, but in some areas, there is still the possibility of landslide activity.

In some of the active landslides, there are holiday homes or other infrastructure, but no acute risk of dangerous landslide development has been identified. GEUS’ researchers have continuously contacted the affected municipalities and have held information meetings for citizens at Mørkholt near Vejle and Kongstrup near Kalundborg.

Kristian Svennevig
Senior Researcher
Mapping and Mineral Resources
Marie Keiding
Special Consultant
Geophysics and Sedimentary Basins