Based on its long research and advisory expertise, GEUS offers analyses and preparation of data and analyses reports in a wide range of areas.


GEUS offers biostratigraphic analyses of micro- and macrofossils and prepares data and analysis reports on invididual wells or as part of regional studies, in which we combine biographical data with data from other geological and geophysical surveys.

Gas and isotope analyses

GEUS offers analyses of volatile organic compounds and light hydrocarbons and analyses of stable oxygen isotopes and deuterium in water samples.

Geophysical borehole logging

GEUS offers geophysical borehole logging of interest in connection with a wide range of geological studies, e.g. within hydrogeology, raw materials and geothermal energy.

Sandstone petrography and diagenesis

GEUS offers expertise in sandstone petrography and diagenesis for e.g. description of reservoir properties and prediction of reservoir quality. Our long experience is based on participation in different research projects and consultancy for the industry.


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