GEUS works to procure a solid knowledge of Denmark’s geology and to assess the land use for different purposes. Geological mapping is one of the key activities, but the work also includes decontamination of soil and assessment of the safety connected with disposal of waste.

Geological mapping of Denmark

Geological maps are an important tool in the spatial planning and management of the land. The maps are used in connection with many technical projects. GEUS regularly carries out geological mapping in different parts of Denmark.

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3D mapping

A digital 3D geological basic model for Denmark, compiling all existing and recent data and geological interpretations, will make our knowledge about the geology easy to access for the public. It will also contribute to ensure that management, protection and use of groundwater and other geological resources will be based on the best possible foundation. GEUS has started to develop a concept to build a nationwide 3D geological subsurface model.

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Disposal of radioactive waste

At GEUS, we work to find possible sites for geological disposal of the radioactive waste from the nuclear facilites formerly attached to Risø National Laboratory. 

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