Core Laboratory

Preparation rig
Preparation rig.

GEUS' Core Laboratory is a petrophysical research laboratory. We offer a range of special core analysis services to the industry and participate in national and international R&D projects. We have more than 30 years of experience in analyzing geological materials, including unconsolidated sediments and soils, as well as industrial porous materials.

A principal work area is the chalk and sandstone from the oil and gas fields in the North Sea. Furthermore, the laboratory is experienced with caprock analysis, various analysis on unconsolidated rocks, building materials and soils. We have adapted petroleum petrophysical laboratory techniques to a range of related areas, including ceramic materials, concrete, and preparation of samples for rock mechanical testing.

Tests are performed on a range of plug sizes as well as on full core samples. Our collaboration with the Danish Geotechnical Institute (GEO) has resulted in a unique integration of rock mechanics and special core analysis techniques that have proven particularly useful for chalk.

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The laboratory also offers customized training courses in core analysis.

Niels Hemmingsen Schovsbo
Senior Researcher
Geo-energy and Storage
Charlotta Jenny Lüthje
Head of Department
Geo-energy and Storage


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