Geophysical mapping

Since the early 1970s, several geophysical surveying projects have been conducted in Greenland from aircraft as part of a targeted approach by public authorities. The purpose of the studies is to stimulate the mineral exploration activities in Greenland. The surveys also contribute to the overall mapping of Greenland’s geology. This geophysical survey mapping is performed in a collaboration between GEUS and the Greenland Government and is supplemented by geophysical survey data from the exploration industry.

Key projects from GEUS and the former GGU are the AEROMAG 1992-2013 and the AEM Greenland 1994-1998. The regional AEROMAG geophysical surveys include measurements of the Earth’s natural magnetic field and provide a consistent dataset that covers the complete ice-free area of West, South and Southeast Greenland and adjacent offshore and ice-covered regions. The AEM Greenland project comprises more detailed combined magnetic and electromagnetic surveys from selected target areas in Greenland. The geophysical surveys from GEUS/GGU are described in Geology & Ore No. 22 (pdf)

Detailed information and datasets of geophysical surveys from both GEUS/GGU and exploration industry in Greenland can be downloaded via Greenland Mineral Resources Portal. (Some of the older datasets before 1990 without GPS positioning are not available via the portal, but can be received by directly contacting GEUS.)

Bjørn Henning Heincke
Senior Researcher
Geophysics and Sedimentary Basins