The supply of drinking water in Denmark is based on high-quality groundwater. GEUS contributes to ensure the high quality of the groundwater through mapping of Denmark’s water resources and groundwater. We also use geological 3D modelling, which is applied especially in connection with groundwater modelling.

At GEUS, we primarily have knowledge about and experience in:

Groundwater mapping ensures high-quality groundwater

As national data centre for groundwater, GEUS contributes to the Environmental Protection Agency’s groundwater mapping, the aim of which it is to ensure Denmark’s future supply of drinking water. We develop scientific standards for the mapping and operate the geophysical database GERDA. We are also part of the coordination group for groundwater mapping. Furthermore, we act as consultants to other countries about the mapping of their water resources.

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Geological 3D modelling of the water resources

GEUS works with research and development of 3D geological modelling and has constructed detailed 3D geological models for a number of Danish areas – the 3D modelling is used for finding for instance buried valleys, which can be used as aquifers. In the model, data (e.g. wells, geophysics, geochemistry) are integrated with the Quaternary surface mapping and other geological knowledge.

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GEUS works to maintain the quality of groundwater in cities by mapping the city’s geology and water cycle

It is important to have a solid knowledge about a city’s geology, because man has opened many canals down to the groundwater by digging, drilling and building. It is important to know about the many open canals to ensure that e.g. pesticides used on pavements and verges do not contaminate the groundwater. At GEUS, we map the geology and the urban water cycle beneath the cities to maintain the high quality of groundwater and to secure the cities against the effects of future climate change.

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