Water quality

Almost all drinking water in Denmark comes from groundwater. This is why it is so important to maintain the groundwater quality. GEUS conducts research on the cleaning of groundwater, monitoring of the groundwater quality as well as regulation of nitrogen and nitrate and studies the relationship between drinking water quality and public health.

Ground water quality

Almost all drinking water in Denmark comes from groundwater, which is pumped up and treated before it is delivered to the consumers. This is why it is important to determine the quality of the groundwater. GEUS is Denmark’s scientific data centre for monitoring programmes of the groundwater quality, and also conducts research into potential threats to the quality of the groundwater.

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Nitrogen and nitrate

A high content of nitrate in the groundwater poses a health hazard and a threat to the environmental state of lakes and watercourses. Nitrate in the groundwater primarily originates from leaching of nitrogen from agriculture. At GEUS, we direct our efforts at providing the scientific foundation for the regulation of the consumption of nitrogen in agriculture according to the risk of leaching nitrogen to the groundwater.

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Drinking water and health

GEUS cooperates with the medical research environment about the relationship between drinking water and public health. The situation in Denmark is unique in that we are able study this relationship since our consumption of bottled water is limited, our production of drinking water comes from groundwater and we have long tradition of recording environmental and health data.

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Water technology

GEUS conducts research into cleaning groundwater and is leading in microbiotechnological methods to clean groundwater and seawater. Our research includes microbiological processes that can break down xenobiotics in the groundwater, and microbiological degradation of inorganic compounds in the groundwater. We also participate in the work with finding the best possible solutions to removal of contaminated water from single sources, which pose a polution hazard.

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