Subsurface data Denmark

Subsurface data Denmark

In the database, you will find a host of information on boreholes and geophysical surveys collected from exploration for and production of oil and gas and other uses of the subsurface, such as for geothermal energy.

Deep Subsurface Data from Denmark
All essential information related to released deep boreholes and geophysical surveys (2D and 3D) collected in connection with oil and gas exploration and production, as well as other uses of the subsurface, such as the utilization of geothermal energy can be found and downloaded for free on GEUS’ Danish Deep Subsurgace Data Portal
Data can be displayed with various background maps and auxiliary layers, such as coastlines, the delineation of the Danish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), pipelines, active exploration permits, field boundaries, and a geological structural map.
In accordance with Danish legislation, these data have been submitted to GEUS' subsurface archive, which manages archiving, quality control, and dissemination of data related to subsurface utilization in Denmark.


GEUS' Deep Subsurface Data Portal


On the subsurface data portal, the following data sets can be searched  (data for free download marked in bold): Borehole content (penetrated stratigraphy and discoveries of oil/gas).

  • 3D seismic surveys.
  • 2D seismic surveys.
  • 2D and 3D CSEM surveys.
  • Airborne gravimetric and magnetic surveys.
  • Bathymetric surveys.
  • GEUS projects in the North Sea.

Borehole data can be downloaded free of charge from the portal, including reports, logs, spliced logs, and digital core photos.
Starting from October 2023, 3D seismic data can be downloaded for free as 'processings' from the portal. Data can only be obtained in their entirety, and only if GEUS has received the data. Most of the data are from the North Sea, but there are also some data sets from 3D seismic surveys on land, for example, at Stenlille on Zealand and at Feldsted and Tønder in southern Jutland.
Beginning in October 2023, 2D seismic data will be available for free download from the portal as 'processings' as they are prepared by GEUS during 2023-2024. Initially, the focus will be on onshore data and data from the inner Danish waters, followed by data from areas without 3D coverage in the North Sea.
Data from CSEM surveys, gravimetric and magnetic surveys, and bathymetric surveys cannot currently be downloaded from the portal but can be requested from GEUS for a fee. For inquiries, please contact the Subsurface Archive.

Data from GEUS projects will become available for free download from the portal as they are prepared.

Note: Data are delivered as received by GEUS. According to GEUS' terms of delivery, GEUS disclaims any responsibility for the quality, reliability and accuracy of the data as well as the applicability for the customer's purposes. 


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