Subsurface data Denmark

In the database, you will find a host of information on boreholes and geophysical surveys collected from exploration for and production of oil and gas and other uses of the subsurface, such as for geothermal energy.

You can find metadata from boreholes and filtre your search according to the presence of selected stratigraphical intervals or oil and gas shows.

You also find information about the location for geophysical studies, such as:

  • 2D seismic surveys
  • 2D seismisc lines
  • 3D seismic surveys
  • 3D seismic processes
  • CSEM 2D surveys
  • CSEM 3D
  • Aerogravimetrice and magnetic surveys
  • Bathymetric surveys

The data can be presented in combination with various background maps and assistant layers, such as coastlines, pipelines, licences and field delimitations.

The data are partly from companies that have made boreholes and seismic studies and partly from GEUS’ own projects. The information is stored in the national subsurface database SAMBA to which GEUS receives and supplies data.

The SAMBA database, which is operated together with the Danish Energy Agency, is an important key to subsurface data.

Search in the subsurface database Denmark.

Purchase of subsurface data from Denmark

The subsurface data webshop Frisbee is GEUS' website, where subsurface data from Denmark can be found and purchased. Purchases can be paid by credit card or by invoice.

You can also contact the Subsurface Archive at GEUS.