National geophysical database (GERDA)

Here you find information about data in the national database for surface-near geophysics – GERDA. You also find information about exchange formats and data download and upload possibilities.

GERDA contains geophysical data, primarily collected during the mapping of areas of special drinking water interests and the national groundwater mapping. It also contains the logging data collected by GEUS and consulting engieering companies from exploration and water- supply wells.

The GERDA database contains the following types of geophysical data:  

  • Logs
  • Wenner
  • Seismic
  • Paces
  • Pacep
  • Skytem
  • Schlumberger
  • TEM
  • MEP
  • MRS

The database contains measuring data as well as interpretations in the form of geophysical models. Data can be found and presented together with various background maps and assistant layers, such as topography, surface geology, orthophoto and elevation.

Establishing the GERDA database

In cooperation with the then Danish Forest and Nature Agency, the Department Groundwater and Rawmaterials at the then Århus Amt (county), the Geological Institute at Aarhus University and GEUS, a pilot project was carried out in the period 1996–1997. The aim of the project was to prepare the establishment of a national database for geophysical data in the raw material and environmental areas.  

In 1998, this work resulted in the establishment of a database and an associated website. In addition, the former companies Dansk Geofysik A/S, WaterTech A/S and Geografik A/S participated in the development of the database and website. In the pilot phase, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency financed the work, while GEUS also participated in the financing in the establishment phase.

Martin Hansen
Chief Consultant
Geological Data Centre