Photogeological Laboratory

The Photogeological Laboratory has instruments for photogrammetric measurement of geological features visible on aerial photographs taken at any height or angle. Measurements can also be made on oblique photographs irrespective of whether acquired from positions on the ground or from boat, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. Production of contoured topographic maps is also possible.

The laboratory has two camera systems suitable for the acquisition of oblique photographs at large image scales for subsequent photogrammetric analysis in the laboratory.

The laboratory also has a 3D projection system available for 3D stereoscopic presentation of images.
Borrowing of the camera systems in connection with field work is possible dependent on availability.
The Photogeological Laboratory has an extensive archive of aerial photographs on contact prints, covering the whole of Greenland, some areas at a variety of image scales.

Key Instruments

  • 3 digital photogrammetric workstations
  • 3 SOCET SET software programs for aerial triangulation, DTM generation, orthophoto production, contour generation, vector map compilation
  • Equipment for large screen 3D stereo projection and visualisation
  • Calibrated camera Canon EOS-1Ds MarkIII
  • Calibrated camera Canon EOS-5Ds MarkII

Restrictions on admittance

All methods require brief instruction and some experience and all instruments require instruction in their use. Users are requested to make an appointment for instruction and guidance for a short introduction. The laboratory has experience in training students in the use of the facilities for scientific projects. 

Erik Vest Sørensen
Senior Researcher
Mapping and Mineral Resources


Please contact the laboratory manager for information.

(Prices are negotiated on a per task basis)