Stratigraphy Laboratory

GEUS carries out research and consultancy in many biostratigraphic areas. Stratigraphy Laboratory routinely undertakes preparation and biostratigraphic analyses of materials from boreholes and outcrops.


The laboratory has a high quality standard and has capacity for preparation of large volumes of samples. Our safety standards are of a particularly high level. We offer preparation and analysis for research projects as well as industry based projects. Contact us to learn more about our expertise.

We cover the following microfossil groups:

  • Dinoflagellate cysts
  • Spores and pollen
  • Foraminifera
  • Diatoms
  • Nannoplankton
  • Conodonts

Biostratigrafic analyses

We also perform biostratigraphical analyses, where we combine biostratigraphic data with data from other geological and geophysical studies.

Read more about our expertise on biostratigraphy.

Quaternary and Recent

In the laboratory we also undertake preparation of pollen, diatoms, dinoflagellate cysts and foraminifera from Recent and Quaternay sediments from the North Atlantic region (Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands). Our clients are archaeological museums and international researchers.

Our analytical methods comprise:

  • Pollen, for relative and qualitative analysis
  • Pollen trapping (monitoring) preparation
  • Diatoms (lake and marine sediments)

Geobotanical laboratory

GEUS provides macrofossil analyses of Quaternary sediments – for instance i connection with geoarchaeological, geotechnical and environmental history studies.

Peter Alsen
Senior Researcher
Geo-energy and Storage
Charlotta Jenny Lüthje
Head of Department
Geo-energy and Storage


Please contact the laboratory manager for information.