Oil and gas

Here you will find information about GEUS’ research, cooperation and knowledge about the various survey methods that are being developed and used for finding deposits of oil and gas in subsurface.

GEUS is the key advisor for authorities in Denmark and Greenland within exploration and assessment of the pretoleum potential. GEUS acts as consultant and cooperates with the oil industry regarding research and advice.

The majority of Danish oil and gas resources are found in chalk fields in the Danish Central Graben in the North Sea, but also in deeper-lying and higher sandstone fields. GEUS contributes to localise new deposits of oil and gas and to develop methods to enhance oil recovery from the existing oil fields.

In Greenland, GEUS works with the development of exploration strategies and the promotion of exploration models and acts as consultant to the Ministry of Mineral Resources in Naalakkersuisut (Greenland’s Government). As in Denmark, we are advisors and cooperate with the oil industry to produce new knowledge about the resources in the subsurface in Geenland.