Projects for students

Are you a student looking for a Master’s or Bachelor’s project? Are you interested in past climate changes in general and would like to pursue this topic? Here is a portfolio of potential projects, but do get in touch with us if you have other ideas.

Paleoclimate Student Projects

Paleoclimate researchers at GEUS offer a wide variety of potential student projects from working with proxy data, to geophysical data, and to numerical modeling. If you do not see a project below that interests you, feel free to sort through the list of active GEUS projects and contact the lead researcher to ask about other possibilities. 


Fortidens klima med fokus på det Miocæne Klimatiske Optimum

Jeg søger en student der er interesseret i at forske i det Miocæne Klimatiske Optimum.

Prøverne til projektet kommer fra en spritny sedimentkerne fra Norskehavet, taget under IODP Expedition 396 (

Du kommer primært til at arbejde med palynologi og derudover lidt med XRF eller organisk geokemi. Kendskab til palynologi er ikke nødvendigt, da du kommer til at lære det under projektets forløb. 

Læs mere om det Miocæne Klimatiske Optimum på  


Miocæne, palæoklima, Nordatlanten, palynologi, havtemperaturer

Department and supervisor(s) at GEUS:

Kasia K. Sliwinska, Geo-energy and Storage

Project type 

Bachelor, Kandidat, et projekt udenfor kursusregi

Project periode


Kasia Sliwinska
Senior Researcher
Geo-energy and Storage


PORO-CLIM seismic processing

This project will look at improving the imaging of seismic reflection data collected as part of the PORO-CLIM project in 2021.

The data relate to understanding the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum in response to sill intrusions as well as providing information on the paleooceanographic conditions that developed during the Cenozoic.



Seismic processing

Department and supervisor(s) at GEUS:

Geophysics and Sedimentary Basins, John Hopper

Project type 


Project period

May 2022‐ Oct 2023


John Hopper
Research Professor
Geophysics and Sedimentary Basins
Maria Munk Jensen
Digital Editor
Press and Communication