Deep geothermal energy portal

The portal compiles our knowledge about geothermal energy and this is where stakeholders in the geothermal energy industry and the authorities get the big picture of the characteristics of the subsurface, the geological uncertainties as well as the density and quality of the geological data about the Danish land and coastal areas.

In the portal you will find a series of 3D depth maps of the geothermal reservoirs and thematic maps showing the geological key parameters and parameters that are important to the geothermal production properties. The portal also contains a geological screening of the subsurface below 28 primarily urban areas selected in cooperation with the Danish Energy Agency.

You will be able to see the geothermal energy resource in different geological formations and get information about e.g. the thickness, temperature and porosity of the reservoir.

The first map you meet is the map showing the potential geothermal energy. The map indicates where there may occur succesions in the 800–3000 m depth in the subsurface, containing sandstone layers with favourable reservoir properties. The map may be used to focus the geothermal activities on the most promising areas and thereby reduce the risk of investing millions in areas that are not suitable for geothermal energy extraction based on our present knowledge.

You will also find a video guide to the portal.

Lars Henrik Nielsen