Mineral Resources

GEUS provides a scientific basis for targeted and environmentally sound exploration and exploitation of mineral deposits in Greenland and Denmark

Economic geology

GEUS studies possible sources for metals and fluids, their pathways, and mechanisms leading to metal precipitation, in order to develop metallogenic models for mineral occurrences. 

Mineralogy and petrology

GEUS undertakes mineralogical and petrological studies to improve the understanding of the geological development of Greenland and its economic potential.

Analytical research facilities

GEUS has a number of laboratories for analyses of raw materials, rocks, and aerial photographs.

Greenland and geoscience maps

Geoscientific maps constitute an important element of GEUS' work in Greenland and includes geological and geophysical maps supplemented by geochemical and spectral data.

Danish raw materials

GEUS assists the authorities with consultancy about sustainable use of Danish raw materials, including identifying the scope and quality of resources.

Mineral resources and materials (MiMa)

The Center for Minerals and Materials (MiMa) objective is to build knowledge about issues related to supply and scarcity of raw materials, and to provide solutions for future raw material challenges.

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