Mapping and Mineral Resources

In the Department for Mapping and Mineral Resources, we conduct research on rocks, their mineralogy and chemical composition, and their genesis and evolution. We use this insight to provide the geological background for investment opportunities in exploration for mineral resources and data for responsible natural resource management. For this work, we have considerable in-house analytical facilities, including major and trace-element analysis, isotopic composition and analytical microscopy.

One of the important tasks for the department is the continuing geological mapping of Greenland. In addition to the above-mentioned tools, we acquire and analyse high-resolution stereographic images of mountain walls in our photo-laboratory, which provide our geologists with a powerful tool for development of 3D geological mapping on metres to tens of kilometres scales. Finally, the department hosts MiMa ‘Center for Minerals and Materials’ that links geological knowledge to society’s consumption and management of mineral raw materials.

Areas of expertise