Since 2013, GEUS’ geologists have had residence in Greenland, when an office was established in Nuuk. The office assists authorities, the public and companies with advice and scientific knowledge on matters relating to raw materials and climate. GEUS’ headquarters will regularly send staff to the Nuuk office so that an exchange of knowledge and competences takes place between Greenland and Denmark.

Greenland's geology

Greenland's geological development spans over the entire history of the Earth: From the formation of the bedrock gneisses, which includes some of the Earth's oldest rocks, to the present glacial deposits and the Inland Ice itself. Greenland’s geological history includes periods with mountain range formation, openings of continents, isostatic uplift, erosion, deposition and volcanic eruptions.

Occurrences of raw materials with economically interesting elements such as gold, iron, copper, zinc and rare-earth elements are found in different places, and gemstones of a quality that makes them worth mining. In both east and west, the ocean around Greenland holds thick deposits of sand and clay derived from erosion of the continent. These may contain oil and gas, suitable for extraction. The Greenland ice sheet and the glaciers are studied to follow climate change, but also to assess at the potential for exploitation of hydropower.

Outreach and arrangements

Geological maps, rock samples, cores, analysis and miles of articles and reports are the tangible proof of GEUS' sustained geological research. With the office in Nuuk, this knowledge has become even closer to Greenland. The office provides, among other things, knowledge about the geology to the Greenland society and contributes to education in schools and educational institutions. GEUS Nuuk also makes expertise and knowledge available to the population, industry and authorities in Greenland.

GEUS Nuuk arranges talks on relevant subjects within GEUS' research areas. The office can also be contacted for a specific scientific topic, e.g. 'The Inland Ice now and 100 years ago' or 'Facts about mineral resources'. Furthermore, the office occasionally organises geological field trips.

Address, visitor

GEUS Nuuk 

c/o Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
3905 Nuusuaq


Address and mail

GEUS Nuuk 

c/o Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 570
3900 Nuuk, Greenland


Kisser Thorsøe
Head of office
Majken Djurhuus Poulsen
PhD Student