Do you have an idea for a project, where we can contribute, or do you see other possibilities for collaboration?

Our expertise is extensive, and we participate in both Danish and international research projects and partnerships with knowledge institutions, authorities and companies.

We are experts within:

  • Consulting
    We offer geological consulting and perform tasks for authorities and companies in the areas of water, nature, environment, climate, energy and mineral ressources. We also contribute with our experience from Denmark and Greenland in projects around the world.
  • Research and field work
    We lead and participate in research projects where we contribute with i.a. geological knowledge, data, laboratory analysis and experience with field work on land and sea.
  • Analyses and investigation
    We offer assistance within i.a. biostratigraphy, gas and isotope analysis, geophysical data collection, drill hole logging and sandstone petrography and diagenesis.
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  • Laboratories and facilities
    We have a wide range of laboratories with great expertise and high-tech equipment. We work with core samples, airplane photos and sediments, and we use core analysis, HRMS, organic geochemistry, LA-ICP-MS and SEM. In addition, we also have instruments for e.g. seismic investigations.
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  • Mapping and data collection
    We store data from drillings as well as from seismic and geophysical investigations of the Danish underground that can tell us something about e.g. groundwater, raw materials and geology. And we participate in collaborations concerning mapping, data collection, data management and dissemination about the geological conditions in Denmark, Greenland and globally.
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Hanne Thomasen
Chief Consultant
Hanne Biolzi Strandby
Administrative Coordinator
Ioannis Abatzis
Chief Consultant
Geophysics and Sedimentary Basins
Lars Henrik Nielsen
Chief Consultant