Safety Instructions

Regardless of where you are going on fieldwork – Denmark, Greenland, at sea or elsewhere – you must know the guidelines and specific requirements that apply to GEUS fieldwork. The rules are described in the Safety Instructions for Fieldwork, and you must sign to confirm that you have read the relevant instructions – either the instructions for fieldwork in Denmark (only in Danish) or the instructions for all other types of fieldwork. In both instructions you will find:

  • General information that applies regardless of the type of fieldwork
  • Formalities and safety requirements
  • Requirements and recommendations for specific types of fieldwork
  • Appendix with Field Plan and Risk Assessment (can be downloaded separately)

Safety Instructions for Fieldwork

Below you can read the safety instructions for fieldwork in Greenland or offshore and sign the form to confirm that you have read it. At the bottom, you will find the Field Plan and Risk Assessment as separate documents that can be downloaded.

Field with (*) are required