Information of next of kin

If you are going on field work with GEUS, we recommend that you fill out an information form applicable to your relatives. Your relatives must agree that GEUS collects and stores this information.

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Ex 12/06/2019 - 20/07/2019

By filling out this form, I hereby confirm that I as a relative to the above-mentioned expedition member give my consent to GEUS’ registration of the information concerned. The collection of information is solely done in preparation for contact in case of need (accident or other special circumstances) in the mentioned period, where my relative is taking part in fieldwork. The information is stored in a separate drive, only accessible to a few chosen staff members as part of the preparation that GEUS upholds, following that GEUS carries out fieldwork in Greenland (onshore or offshore). At any time, I can withdraw this consent, in which case the information will be deleted, and I can request a change of information that are no longer correct. Furthermore, I am aware that I at any time am entitled to insight in the information about me that GEUS is keeping. The information will in any case be deleted, once the purpose for them no longer exists.

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Marianne Vestergaard
Kortlægning og Mineralske Råstoffer