Your first couple of months at GEUS

To ensure that you, as a new employee at GEUS, get off to a good start, you will go through a number of activities, which you can read more about on this page.

Before you start

Before your first day at GEUS, you will receive a welcome email with information about GEUS, and about your first day as well as the introduction programme.

The welcome email will have a plan attached, so you can get an overview of the activities and areas that you go through in the first five days. In addition, the email contains links to GEUS’ strategy, values, equality policy (in Danish) and equality action plan etc.

Introduction programme

As a new employee at GEUS, you will go through an introduction programme to ensure that you get off to a good start and feel confident handling your new tasks.

On your first day, you will normally have breakfast with the colleagues in your department, and afterwards you will be shown around GEUS and be introduced to relevant people and departments. You will also be assigned a colleague who will be responsible for your introduction. This ‘intro buddy’ will help you with the practical aspects of the onboarding and will be your ‘go-to person’ in the beginning.

During the first five days, you will be introduced to your work tasks and receive practical information about flex time, registration of work hours etc. During the introduction programme, you will also learn about these areas:


  • When learning about the Organisation and culture, you become acquainted with GEUS’ vision, mission and strategy. You will also be introduced to the values and management foundation of the organisation.
  • Another important area is Safety and emergency procedures. This includes learning about data security and GDPR as well as safety in the workplace, including emergency procedures, directions and guidelines.
  • You will also be introduced to their Network, i.e. your nearest colleagues and other relevant colleagues and persons at GEUS.
  • When it is time to get to know theSystems, you will be introduced to mTIME, WorkZone, the intranet, Campus etc.
  • It is important to know the Policies and guidelinesof the organisation, so you will be introduced to relevant policies and guidelines as well as the staff policy, equality policy and health and safety policy.
  • When it comes to the Work area, you will be introduced to their work tasks. This includes reconciling expectations with your manager regarding skills.
  • You are introduced to the Department and if possible, the programme area. In addition, you are told about the department's work programme and current projects.
  • You also need to know about the Employment conditions, i.e. important areas such as flexible hours, holidays, how to call in sick, skills development etc.

You can read more about the introduction programme in our checklist for receiving new employees.


In connection with the introduction programme, you must take the following online courses (if the title is in Danish, the course is in Danish):

  • Data protection
  • Information Security 
  • God adfærd i det offentlige 2018 or see the English document 'Code of Conduct in the Public Sector
  • Kodex VII – Syv pligter or see the English document 'Code VII - Seven key duties'
  • Introduktion til Journalisering - only mandatory for employees who can take the course in Danish

Additionally, HR recommends that you also take these e-learning courses:

  • Grundlæggende projektmetode 
  • Take care of each other – avoid sexual harassment.

Intro buddy

You will be assigned a colleague who will be responsible for your introduction. This ‘intro buddy’ will help with the practical aspects in the beginning, including introducing you to the intranet, policies and guidelines etc. The intro buddy also offers professional support and discussions and ensures that you get an introduction to committees, clubs, associations and other social activities at GEUS. 

In addition to the intro buddy, a mentor can be appointed. Like the intro buddy, the mentor provides professional support and acts as a discussion partner.

Probation period

Approximately two months after your first day at GEUS, you will have a conversation with your Head of Department about the two-month probation period. The conversation will cover your introduction and whether the employment is going well according to both of you.


If you have any questions about the introduction programme, you can contact us here