New geological map of Greenland in 1:500.000

Published 15-05-2023

GEUS has just published an updated digital geological map of Greenland in scale 1:500,000. The new map is based on 14 digitized map sheets covering all of Greenland with amendments in specific areas.

We constantly add to the geological knowledge about Greenland. This calls for pertinent revisions of the geological map of Greenland in order to keep it up to date. A large part of the geological knowledge has been incorporated into the revised map, and it has undergone extensive quality control, including a complete harmonization of all lineaments and structure points, which was not previously implemented.

The new, common legend comprises more than 400 geological units.

Digital solution is easier to use

For more than 70 years, GEUS has worked to map out the geology of Greenland. The new map is part of GEUS’ ongoing work, which – apart from additional mapping – includes combining and streamlining existing printed maps into a more user-friendly, digital solution.

“Geological maps are important for understanding the geological history of a country and necessary to support the exploration for the raw materials that are essential for the functioning of our society and the green transition. Even though the map in scale 1: 500 000 is “only” an overview map, it is the best, seamless geological map covering all of Greenland, and it captures the scientific work of more than 1000 geologists and technicians during the years,” says Mikael Pedersen, Head of Department for Mapping and Mineral Resources at GEUS.

The map was produced using ESRI software.

The original digital map was released on the Greenland Portal in 2012 (Pedersen et al. 2013).

Thomas Find Kokfelt
Senior Researcher
Mapping and Mineral Resources

The map can be used freely with a citation

Recommended citation:

Kokfelt, T.F., Willerslev, E., Bjerager, M., Heijboer, T., Keulen, N., Larsen, L.M., Pedersen, C.B., Pedersen, M., Svennevig, K., Sønderholm, M., Walentin, K.T. & Weng, W.L. 2023: Digital 1:500 000 scale geological map of Greenland, version 2.0. Copenhagen: Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.