Positive evaluation of GEUS' work in Nature and Climate

Published 21-03-2022

An international review panel is impressed with GEUS’ work in the programme area Nature and Climate. Amongst other things, they emphasise the high publication rate and free access to the data from the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Climate station

A regular scientific evaluation of GEUS’ programme area Nature and Climate, which covers glaciology, paleoclimate and marine geology, in the years 2013-2020 has been carried out. 

The evaluation was done by an international panel consisting of members from the Geological Survey of Norway, the University of Edinburgh, Iceland Meteorological Office and NASA. The panel covered the research areas in question and was approved by Independent Research Fund Denmark.

The panel visited GEUS, listened to presentations, visited laboratories and interviewed employees and afterwards they wrote an evaluation report which can be read here.

Impressed panel

The review panel concludes that they are generally impressed with the performance and progress in the Nature and Climate programme at GEUS. Amongst other things they mention the positive work environment with good lab facilities as well as the ability to attract research funds.

They also emphasise that the programme area has a very high publication rate, including publications in Nature and similar, as well as contributions to AMAP and IPCC reports. The publications from Nature and Climate can be found here.

Furthermore, they praise the very large production of unique data in Denmark and Greenland as well as the great openness when it comes to results and data. Amongst other things, they view it as a great asset that GEUS makes data accessible online, e.g. data from the PROMICE and GC-Net climate stations on the Greenland Ice Sheet.

The panel also suggested concrete initiatives to enhance the quality of the research the programme. Amongst other things, the panel recommends the building of a multifunctional seabed model.

Great satisfaction

GEUS’ board is very satisfied with the overall very positive evaluation of GEUS’ research in the area. The evaluation report has been presented to Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen, and GEUS will carry on working with the recommendations of the panel.