GEUS introduces its strategy for 2020–2023

Published 26-02-2020

New strategy for the next four years sets the direction for the work at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). Eight strategic topics and the UN Sustainable Development Goals play important roles.

GEUS' strategic topics
GEUS’ new strategic topics

GEUS’ board of directors has adopted the new strategy, which sets the direction for the Survey’s work for the years from 2020 to 2023. By providing geological knowledge, our overall goal is to help society develop and solve Denmark’s geo-related challenges.

As Denmark’s national geological survey, GEUS carries out geoscientific research to create, use and disseminate geoscience information about the materials, processes and relationships that are important for the use and protection of the geological natural resources in Denmark, Greenland and the Arctic. And as part of the work with strategic direction, particularly eight strategic topics and the UN Sustainable Development Goals stand out.

Strategic topics show the way

It is GEUS’ vision to be a central and internationally recognised research and consultancy institution in the fields of geology and geological resources especially in Denmark, Greenland and the Arctic. Our data, information and technology will contribute to development and solutions so that future generations may inherit a better Earth.

To show the direction eight new strategic topics have been developed. They focus on: Dissemination, Climate change and adaptation, Our natural world, Our water, Green transition, Mineral raw materials for growth, Value-adding data and Future GEUS.

A perspective text describes each topic followed by the strategic goals for the topic in the strategy period. As part of the implementation of the strategy, a result plan, a work programme and a goal and result plan have been prepared that specifically describe the activities to be performed. These plans are only available in Danish.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are active parts of the geological work in the future

GEUS’ expertise addresses considerable parts of the present global opportunities and challenges. We aim to contribute to meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Activities and projects at GEUS address several of the Sustainable Development Goals. The following four in particular, depend on geological expertise:

Goal 6 – clean water for all. GEUS will work to establish the best possible monitoring of xenobiotic substances and to obtain information about the water cycle, which constitute the basis of a sustainable water management.

Goal 7 – reliable and sustainable energy for all. We support the transition to sustainable, green energy by mapping the potential of the Danish subsurface for geothermal energy, energy storage and heat storage as well as the possibilities for hydropower in Greenland. As long as it is needed in the transition process, GEUS will also contribute to the best possible exploitation of the oil and gas resources.

Goal 12 – sustainable management and efficient exploitation of the natural resources. GEUS contributes with its know-how in exploration and exploitation of mineral resources – such as sand and gravel in Denmark and metal ores in Greenland – including the aspects of nature protection and the importance of a circular economy in the raw material cycle.

Goal 13 – the climate. GEUS contributes to the international strategies by generating information about future climate change through research into the climate of the past and monitoring the climate effects of today. GEUS also supports the green transition and the Government’s goal of 70% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. In addition, we are researching the consequences of climate change and exploring the possibilities of CO2 storage in the subsurface.

GEUS’ Managing Director Flemming Larsen is proud of the new strategy and GEUS’ contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“It is with pride that I present GEUS’ new strategy setting the direction for our geological activities in the coming period. We have an ambition of developing Denmark’s geological profile – nationally and internationally – and we perceive it as a national role and responsibility to contribute to the green future by including the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in our daily work at GEUS. We are specialists in understanding the future climate based on the past – and we are looking forward to helping Denmark move towards a greener and more sustainable future”.

GEUS’ strategy for the next four years will have special focus on Denmark, Greenland and the Arctic, but topics such as the climate and resources are not confined by national borders and GEUS will share its expertise and experience across continents.

Read GEUS’ Strategy 2002–2023 – Geoscience for development and solutions here.


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