New geological service shall deliver knowledge on energy, raw materials and groundwater to Europe

Published 30-01-2017

The geological survey organisations in Europe have started the development of a new geological service for Europe, which brings together the European knowledge on energy, raw materials and groundwater and make it available on a common data platform.

A major research programme GeoERA has started to develop a new European geological service that brings together and develops the large amount of geological data and knowledge in Europe's geological survey organisations, and make it available on a common data platform. It is knowledge about energy, raw materials and groundwater that addresses several of the major European challenges in supply and environment.

GeoERA Logo

The GeoERA research programme shall deliver a geological service for Europe.

More than 50 national and regional geological survey organisations from more than 30 European countries participate in the research programme. This is a so-called ERA-Net (European Research Area Network), which is one of the EU Commission instruments to stimulate trans-national research and development programs, and it is funded 1/3 by the EC research programme Horizon 2020 and 2/3 nationally.

During a three year period a number of research projects will be carried through with the purpose of contributing to the optimal use and management of the sub-surface while minimising environmental footprint and impacts. The projects will cover the areas energy, groundwater, raw materials and GIS.

GEUS is one of the main contributors to the programme and contributes to the design of the call and selection procedures as well as to the research projects themselves. The first step in the process will be a "Call for Ideas" where all stakeholders are encouraged to come up with ideas to what the geological surveys should jointly work on in the projects. The call is expected to be announced 3rd April and be open for two months thereafter.

"The GeoERA research programme will bring together, develop and make available important geological data, which has great significance for the sustainable management of Europe's resources of energy, raw materials and groundwater. It will become a new geological service for Europe." says chief advisor Jørgen Tulstrup, who coordinates the GEUS part of the programme.

See more about GeoERA at here.


Jørgen Tulstrup
Chief advisor
HR and Economy