Book with most important mineral deposits in the Arctic - Book, map and database


All available information on the most important metal- and diamond deposits in the Arctic, north of 60
N, has been assembled and made accessible. Free download.

All available information on the most important metal- and diamond deposits in the Arctic has been assembled in a book, on a map and in a database. These sources provide information on 28 diamond deposits and 207 large, very large and potentially large metal deposits, in regions north of 60oN in eight countries in the Arctic.

The book "Mineral resources in the Arctic" contains separate chapter on mineral resources in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia as well as information on sea-floor massive sulphide deposits.

GEUS has contributed to the part on mineral resources in Greenland. This includes descriptions of the main metallogenic/kimberlite provinces and the history of mining in Greenland. Following this introduction you will find sections describing famous ore deposits in Greenland. Read about:

  1. Isua iron ore deposit
  2. Black Angel zinc-lead deposit
  3. Isortoq iron-titanium-vanadium deposit
  4. Motzfeldt niobium-tantalum-zirconium- rare earth element deposit
  5. Ivigtut cryolite deposit
  6. Kvanefjeld uranium-rare earth element-zinc deposit
  7. Kringlerne tantalum-niobium-rare earth element -zirconium deposit
  8. Sarfartoq rare earth element-niobium deposit
  9. Citronen zinc-lead deposit
  10. Skaergaard platinum group elements-gold deposit
  11. Flammefjeld molybdenum deposit
  12. Malmbjerg molybdenum deposit

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