New strategy for GEUS

Published 26-09-2012

GEUS Strategy 2012 is now available in printed and electronic versions. The strategy covers eight years and it forms the basis for GEUS' performance contract for the period 2012-2015.

'Geology for society - knowledge for growth and welfare' is the headline of the new GEUS strategy now available in both printed and electronic versions. The strategy has been prepared by GEUS' board of directors and management from June 2010 to September 2011 where it was adopted by GEUS' board of directors. Employees have been involved through personnel strategy meetings, and they have contributed with a large number of suggestions.

The strategy covers eight years and it forms the basis for GEUS' performance contract with the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building for the period 2012-2015.

The strategy is among other things based on external development trends and driving forces, which will determine GEUS' choices and priority of tasks. The driving forces are for instance transition to green energy, adaptation to climate change, coping with water resource issues and increased competition for raw materials and minerals. Public health will also be in focus and the public's access to nature and recreational areas will have increasing importance.

The strategy consists of a number of strategic targets and scientific topics as well as organisational initiatives that will support GEUS' activities. The strategic targets are long-term, general and functional targets, which GEUS will follow so as to best complete its mission, while the topics are scientific, dealing with the subjects and overall objectives at which GEUS will direct its activities strategically for the benefit of society.

Download: GEUS Strategy 2012-2015. Geology for society - Knowledge for growth and welfare
strategi2012_uk_web.pdf (pdf-file ~5.9mb).


write to Vinnie Hansen, GEUS to get a copy of the printed version of the strategy.

Topics in the GEUS strategy 2012.