International research evaluation of the programme area Energy resources

Published 24-09-2010

Scientific evaluation of Programme area 3 Energy resources (2000-2009) at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

Lykke Friis, Minister of Climate and Energy, took duly note of the report by the research evaluation panel and expressed great satisfaction with the panels assessment that GEUS displays high research quality in this area.

"I specially noted the positive remarks on research and advisory capacity on the North Sea oil and gas resources which will have great influence on our society's economy and energy supply for a long transition period. It is also important, that GEUS evidently is in front with other possible uses of the underground; for instance exploitation of the geothermic energy potential and CO2 storage in the underground on land and at sea. Finally it is positive, that education and information about research are emphasized considering GEUS' important role to assure the recruiting of new students."

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