Inaugural lecture, Professor Kim H. Esbensen 8th October 2010

Published 24-09-2010

Sorgenfrei Auditorium
GEUS, Øster Volddagde 10, 1350 Copenhagen K

The lecture will be followed by a reception:
GEUS guests are encouraged to notify their attendance by 1st October to email:

The first of September, 2010, marked the start of a new research professorship:
"Geoscience Data Analysis and Sampling" adding chemometrics, Theory of Sampling (TOS), and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to GEUS competences.

The inaugural lecture will focus on the use and merit of these new competences primarily with geosciences examples and case histories (a.o. field and laboratory sampling, the power of the multivariate data approach) interspersed with personal reflections of the road taken by a fresh geology student from the Institute of Geology, Aarhus University (1978), via a Ph.D. in metallurgy/meteoritics at DTH (1981) to GEUS.

Esbensen has accumulated wide experience with applied science and technology from previous professorships at Aalborg University (2001-2010), Telemark University, Porsgrunn (1993-2001), SINTEF Industrial & Technological Research Centre, Oslo (1992-1995) and the Norwegian Computing Center (1984-1991). Earlier he contributed in the establishment of the Swedish exploration company TERRA SWEDE (1982-1983), and was an invited guest professor at Norsk Hydro Research Center, Bergen (1991-1992).