Danish Chapter of International Association of Hydrogeologists

Published 26-03-2010

The Danish National Chapter of IAH was established in 2009. IAH-DK has now launched a new website. IAH is a worldwide professional non-governmental organisation for groundwater specialists, with over 3,800 members in more than 135 countries. IAH promotes the sustainable development, use, management, and protection of groundwater resources for the common good. IAH members around the world are organised into national chapters. The role of the Danish National Chapter, IAH-DK, includes:

  • Promotion of activities that further the research, technology, and management of groundwater
  • Stimulation of interest of Danish hydrogeologists in the activities of IAH
  • Maintenance of a dialogue with other groups in Denmark and abroad concerned with groundwater
  • Representation at international level of the interests of IAH members in Denmark.

For more information about IAH-DK, please visit iah-dk.org.