East Greenland Caledonides - new book

Published 27-10-2008

book on the geology of the Greenland Caledonides A new book on the East Greenland Caledonides published by the Geological Society of America:

The Greenland Caledonides. Evolution of the Northeast Margin of Laurentia
A.K. Higgins, Jane A. Gilotti and M. Paul Smith (eds)
The Geological Society of America. Memoir 202, 368pp.

Between 1968 and 1998 GEUS mapped geologically the northern part of East Greenland from 70° to 82°N, an 1100 km long stretch of well-exposed terrain that mainly comprises Precambrian to Lower Palaeozoic gneisses and sedimentary rocks that were folded and metamorphosed during the Caledonian orogeny about 400 million years ago.

The results of this series of major systematic mapping projects have been published in several hundred scientific articles in international journals, as well as in GEUS reports and bulletins. In addition the results are documented in 16 geological maps at scale 1:100,000 and five regional geological map sheets at 1:500,000. In order to create an internationally accessible overview of the East Greenland Caledonian orogen, a major compilation of the research results was recently undertaken. This compilation comprises 14 chapters focusing on different subjects, preceded by a short introduction, that together make up the new richly illustrated volume of 368 pages, accompanied by a folded 1:1 million geological map and a CD of the map. The editors of the volume are A.K. (Tony) Higgins (GEUS), Jane A. Gilotti (University of Iowa) and M. Paul Smith (University of Birmingham), all of whom have been central figures in the mapping projects for many years, under the leadership of Niels Henriksen (GEUS).

The 26 authors of the 14 chapters include both GEUS geologists and external geological specialists, nearly all of whom have taken part in the fieldwork for many field seasons. A large part of the planning, preparation and practical design of the text and illustrations was undertaken in GEUS, with the generous support of the Carlsberg Foundation.

Contact person:
A.K. Higgins, GEUS
E-mail: akh@geus.dk


Introduction-The Caledonides of Greenland
Niels Henriksen, A.K. Higgins, Jane A. Gilotti, and M. Paul Smith

Geological research and mapping in the Caledonian orogen of East Greenland, 70°N-82°N
Niels Henriksen and A.K. Higgins

Architecture and evolution of the East Greenland Caledonides-An introduction
A.K. Higgins and A. Graham Leslie

Polyorogenic history of the East Greenland Caledonides
Feiko Kalsbeek, Kristine Thrane, A.K. Higgins, Hans F. Jepsen, A. Graham Leslie, Allen P. Nutman, and Robert Frei

Paleoproterozoic and Mesoproterozoic sedimentary and volcanic successions in the northern parts of the East Greenland Caledonian orogen and its foreland
John D. Collinson, Feiko Kalsbeek, Hans F. Jepsen, Stig A.S. Pedersen, and Brian G.J. Upton

Neoproterozoic sedimentary basins with glacigenic deposits of the East Greenland Caledonides
Martin Sønderholm, Kasper S. Frederiksen, M. Paul Smith, and Henrik Tirsgaard

Cambrian-Silurian development of the Laurentian margin of the Iapetus Ocean in Greenland and related areas
M. Paul Smith and Jan Audun Rasmussen

Foreland-propagating Caledonian thrust systems in East Greenland
A. Graham Leslie and A.K. Higgins

Caledonian metamorphic patterns in Greenland
Jane A. Gilotti, Kevin A. Jones, and Synnøve Elvevold

Granites and granites in the East Greenland Caledonides
Feiko Kalsbeek, A.K. Higgins, Hans F. Jepsen, Robert Frei, and Allen P. Nutman

Geometry, kinematics, and timing of extensional faulting in the Greenland Caledonides-A synthesis
Jane A. Gilotti and William C. McClelland

The Devonian basin in East Greenland-Review of basin evolution and vertebrate assemblages
Poul-Henrik Larsen, Henrik Olsen, and Jennifer A. Clack

Mineral occurrences in central East Greenland (70°N-75°N) and their relation to the Caledonian orogeny-A Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic study of scheelite
Henrik Stendal and Robert Frei

Laurentian margin evolution and the Caledonian orogeny-A template for Scotland and East Greenland
A. Graham Leslie, Martin Smith, and N.J. Soper

Caledonian orogen of East Greenland 70°N-82°N: Geological map at 1:1,000,000-Concepts and principles of compilation
Niels Henriksen and A.K. Higgins

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