Caiwa 2007 - November 12-15, 2007

Published 01-05-2007

- International conference on adaptive and integrated water management
- full papers before 31 May 2007, extended abstracts before 30 June 2007

- Adaptive water management
- Uncertainties
- Measure performance of water management
- Understanding and managing change
- Adaptive and multi-level water governance
- Climate change & implications for water management
- Ecosystem flows
- Sectoral integration
- Novel tools and frameworks for implementation of adaptive and integrated management strategies
- Themes targeted at policy and practitioners community

More info on the Caiwa conference website:

More information about adaptive water management at NeWater's website: (GEUS is a partner of the NeWater EU research project -
New approaches to adaptive Water management under uncertainty - NeWater)

Contact person: Hans Jørgen Henriksen, Hydrological Department (