New digital compilation of diamond exploration data from West Greenland

Published 04-02-2005

Diamonds from West Greenland kimberlite The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) has produced a new digital compilation of diamond exploration data from West Greenland:
Jensen, S.M., Secher, K., Rasmussen, T.M. & Schjøth, F. 2004: Diamond exploration data from West Greenland: 2004 update and revision.
Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse Rapport 2004/117, 90 pp. (1 DVD included).

The new digital data and GIS compilation (on DVD) is an updated and completely revised edition of the first version published in 2003. The main improvements are the following:

  • Twenty assessment reports from exploration companies submitted to the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum have been added, and there are now 164 scanned reports in Adobe PDF documents
  • The amount of data has been nearly doubled as a result of expiry of confidentiality. There are now approximately 96 150 mineral analyses from 15 295 samples of till or stream sediment from 4563 localities, and 2780 mineral analyses from 31 kimberlitic rock samples
  • All mineral chemistry data have been examined, and analysed kimberlite indicator mineral grains have been classified and plotted in 560 classification diagrams
  • All available geophysical maps have been scanned in large format, and are presented in Adobe PDF documents. Approximately 300 maps have been added
  • The number of observations of kimberlitic rocks has been nearly doubled to approximately 2700
  • Topographic data at 1:100 000 scale are included for the regions of current diamond exploration

The data are presented in 31 GIS views (in ArcView 3.3, ArcGIS, ArcMap 9, and ArcReader formats):

01. Welcome [Sample screenshot]
02. Geographical overview and topographic data
03. Geological map 1:2,500,000
04. Field photographs
05. Occurrences of kimberlitic and related rocks
06. Tests for diamonds, and drilling for kimberlites
07. Mineral picking (rock): Microprobe identification
08. Mineral chemistry (rock): Garnet
09. Mineral chemistry (rock): Chromite
10. Mineral chemistry (rock): Ilmenite
11. Mineral chemistry (rock): Clinopyroxene
12. Mineral chemistry (rock): Orthopyroxene
13. Mineral chemistry (rock): Olivine
14. Mineral chemistry (rock): Other minerals
15. Mineral chemistry (rock): Most diamond-positive indicators combined
16. KIM picking (till/stream sed.): Visual identification
17. KIM picking (till/stream sed.): Microprobe identification
18. KIM chemistry (till/stream sed.): Garnet
19. KIM chemistry (till/stream sed.): Chromite
20. KIM chemistry (till/stream sed.): Ilmenite
21. KIM chemistry (till/stream sed.): Clinopyroxene
22. KIM chemistry (till/stream sed.): Orthopyroxene
23. KIM chemistry (till/stream sed.): Olivine
24. KIM chemistry (till/stream sed.): Other minerals
25. KIM chemistry (till/stream sed.): Most diamond-positive indicators combined
26. Aeromag surveys: GEUS/BMP
27. Aeromag surveys: Exploration companies
28. Combined AEM and aeromag surveys: GEUS/BMP and exploration companies
29. Ground geophysical surveys
30. Airborne hyperspectral survey coverage
31. Exploration licences, 1997-2004

The report including DVD is available from GEUS ( at a price of DKK 1000 (c. USD 175) exclusive VAT and postage.

Senior Researcher Sven Monrad Jensen, GEUS
Phone direct: +45 38 14 22 12