Lillebælt and Vejle Fjord, Denmark

Published 01-06-2002

Spectacular examples of storm-dominated marine and lagoonal depositional systems at Lillebælt and Vejle Fjord, Denmark.

The succession that crops out in the Lillebælt and Vejle Fjord area shows exceptionally detailed sedimentary structures and demonstrates clearly the facies changes within a shallow marine and back barrier depositional environment. Interpretations of the sedimentary structures have been combined with detailed palynofacies studies, resulting in the recognition of major flooding surfaces as well as constraining the sedimentary interpretations.
A sequence stratigraphic model has been proposed for the outcropping succession and the major surfaces and boundaries can be recognized on seismic data and followed into the North Sea Basin. A prominent displacement of the shoreline of ca. 100 km, represented by a delta system, is excellently demonstrated on seismic data.

The upper Oligocene - lower Miocene succession in Denmark can be of interest for exploration geologists, both people working with seismic data, log-correlation and detailed sedimentology, and for reservoir geologists.

The excursion is also of interest for management and other non-geologists, as an example of the application of such methods in exploration.


Arrival at Billund Airport during the afternoon or evening followed by transport to the hotel at Lillebælt.
The Billund Airport has flight connections to Copenhagen, Oslo, and London.
Travel during the excursion will be by car and/or minibusses. The excursion starts after breakfast and five localities will be visited during the first day. During day 2 we shall visit four localities and we return to the airport in the afternoon.


The fee for the excursion is DKK 7,000.00. The fee includes are excursion guide, all transport in Denmark, single rooms in the hotel, breakfast and lunch packages.


Preliminary registration until the 17. May and final enrolment the 31. May. A minimum of 7 persons is required. If cancellation is made more than a week before the start of the excursion, all fees except DKK 800 will be refunded.


Raincoats and boots are recommended.

All the localities are easily accessible. However, whilst the organisers will take all sensible precautions, they will not be held responsible for any injury sustained by participants, howsoever caused.

If required, special arrangements for groups or companies can be made. The hotel has good meeting rooms and facilities for presentations. It is thus possible to extend the visit to Denmark with planning-meetings, courses etc.

Please contact

Senior Research Geologist, Ph.D.
Erik Skovbjerg Rasmussen
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
Thoravej 8
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV

Phone +45 38 14 25 04
Fax +45 38 14 20 50
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