Earthquake in Skagerrak

Published 04-12-1997

This earthquake in the Skagerrak Sea just outside the region of Thy was measured to 4 on the Richter Scale. We have recieved reports from people in the area, who felt the tremor.

Map of the Thy area
The shaking was most intense in the dark red area

The earthquake in Thy was registered on seismographs in Mønsted Kalkmine and on Vestvolden in Copenhagen. Every seismic station register how much the earth is displaced vertically as well as in the northern and eastern directions. The signal is most distinct at the station in Mønsted because of the calm surrounding (less traffic) and more firm subsurface.

The induced waves from the earthquake take 28 seconds longer to reach Copenhagen than Mønsted because of the longer distance to the epicenter of the earthquake.