Fact Sheet 31, 2014

​New airborne geophysical and remote sensing data from central East- and South-East Greenland

Geophysical and remote sensing data are central for the mineral exploration and geological mapping of Greenland. The geoscientific understanding has been improved through several geophysical and remote sensing surveys carried out over the last few years, adding new high-quality data to the already existing databases.

Regional airborne geophysical survey in South-East Greenland

Geophysical surveys are nowadays used on a wide range of scales and for many purposes. In frontier and under explored areas, where data are otherwise sparse or non-existent, aeromagnetic acquisition remains the cheapest and easiest way to obtain or refine an understanding of the structural setting. Through the government-financed Aeromag project, regional high-quality aeromagnetic datasets have been compiled through the last two decades.​​

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