Fact Sheet 16, 2008

Banded iron formation (BIF) deposits

Sedimentary and chemical deposited iron formations (BIF), from which almost all iron is obtained, are one of the great iron sources in the world, and in Greenland. Here, deposits related to banded iron formations (BIF), mostly so-called Algoma type, are typical for Archaean greenstone belts formed in continental rifts or at continental margins.

Regional distribution and age of Greenland BIF

In Greenland such deposits are located at Isukasia (~3.8 Ga) in southern West Greenland, at Itilliarsuk (~2.85 Ga) in central West Greenland, and in North West Greenland along the Melville Bugt BIF (~2.7 Ga). The deposits are all characterised by their large size, approaching gigantic dimensions. Only in the northern part of Peary Land have rocks been affected by low-grade regional metamorphism.

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