Monitoring programmes

GEUS participates in national monitoring of groundwater quality and quantity and publishes an annual status report on the state and trend of groundwater in Denmark. We are also part of the Danish Pesticide Leaching Assessment Programme.

Groundwater Monitoring

GEUS is the Danish Topic Centre for Groundwater and Wells, and as such participates in The National Groundwater-Monitoring Program (GRUMO), the main purpose of which is to provide data on the quality and quantity of the groundwater. GEUS prepares an annual groundwater report with national status and trends for e.g., nitrate and pesticides, and in addition to this makes the technical guidance documents and other relevant scientifically based advisory support for the monitoring program.

Read the Groundwater Monitoring 1989-2017 Summary in English (pdf)

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The Agricultural Catchment Monitoring

The focus of The Agricultural Catchment Monitoring Program (LOOP) is on the agricultural contribution of nutrients to the aquatic environment. LOOP is part of the National Program for Monitoring the Aquatic Environment and Nature (NOVANA). The monitoring activities include collection of data on national and local agricultural practices, monitoring of water from the root zone, drainage water and shallow groundwater. GEUS’ role as Topic Centre is to deliver scientifically based advice and prepare the reporting of the groundwater quality and quantity in five LOOP catchment areas.

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The Pesticide Leaching Assessment Programme

The purpose of the Danish Pesticide Leaching Assessment Programme (VAP) is to investigate whether approved pesticides or their degradation products leach into groundwater in concentrations above the limit value. In addition, other parameters are analysed that may affect pesticide leaching, for example inorganic chemical parameters.

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